When I first joined McKesson I was immediately put to the test to prove my design skills. This project challenged me to work under an extremely tight deadline all while competing with my design peers for the chosen logo and brand identity.

About the company: CommonWell Health Alliance supports and promotes the seamless interoperability of patient data across the healthcare system. The Alliance is vendor-led, focused on achieving data liquidity between systems, in compliance with patient authorizations; a coming together of key industry leaders to support the delivery of a national patient information exchange.

About the logo: The mark represents the network, providers, and customers, all working together to tell the CommonWell Health Alliance story. The center light blue circle represents the customer, the 4 surrounding light blue circles that connect to the center circle represent the fluid transfer of customer data, and the 4 outer blue circles represent the providers/alliance who are protecting the exchange of customer health information on a secure, level playing field. With a 360 degree view of the customer, both provider and customer have access to this data. Because of the united provider presence, the customer can feel safe knowing that their information is protected by their own personal alliance. These individual alliances then come together to create the CommonWell network. The light blue shape also mimics an abstract red cross, tying in healthcare.

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